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Building Usage Policy

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A North MacArthur member must be present at all activities at the building. No excpetions.
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The church facilities will not be used for profit-making. This includes "informational" meetings that are intended to lead to sales to generate income. A reasonable fee may be paid to someone who coaches, teaches, or directs an activity, but it must not be their main source of income or it violates this agreement.
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The day(s) and time(s) I need and the facility desired must be noted:
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The duration of my event will begin and end on these dates:
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I will be issued a key to use for this duration. The deposit to receive a key for this event is $10 (cash only) and is refunded when you return the key. If I do not reutrn the key, I not only forfeit the deposit but I will not be allowed to use the North MacArthur facility again for my event(s). The deposit and keys must be signed out with the church secretaries after the deacon, Mike Hall, has approved the use of the gym or facility.
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I will not duplicate or distribute the key that is provided to me with the understanding that if I do my rights and prvileges to use the facility will be rovoked immediately and future use will not be allowed.
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I agree to leave all doors secured and if a door is found propped open during my activity, my use of the gym or facility may be revoked immediately. SECURITY OF THE PROPERTY IS VERY IMPORTANT AND IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY DURING YOUR ACTIVITY.
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If the church has need of the facility for any church use, this always supersedes any other scheduled event. No questions asked. You will be informed if an event will interfere with your normally scheduled time.
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I agree with all the policies listed above and realize my responsibility to the church to safeguard and care for its facilities.
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Address: 9300 N. MacArthur Blvd.Oklahoma City, OK 73132  |  Phone: (405) 621-5962
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