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Should a Christian be Involved in the Recreational Use of Marijuana?

Posted by on in The Upward Call
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This is a guest blog by our year long intern at North MacArthur--Trai Evans.


marijuana-leafThe power of influence is amazing.  There are two kinds of influence: good and bad.  Bad influence encourages wrong actions and thoughts by example.  On the other hand, good influence encourages healthy actions and thoughts by example.  As Christians, we have a big responsibility, and that is maintaining our good influence by being lights to the world (Matt. 5:14).  When it comes to the Christian being involved with the recreational use of marijuana, let’s look at a few reasons how marijuana can hurt our influence.


1.      It hurts our influence in the community.  It can really hurt the name of the church.  It’s simple, if we are going to wear the name we must protect the name.  Keep in mind that somebody is watching us.  Typically, those who are watching us are outside the church.  As individual Christians, we have a huge responsibility to make sure we are living in a way that doesn’t bring about reproach to God or the church (1 Tim. 5:14).




Understand that your role in the community is a major one.  So, we can’t afford to do what the world is doing.  The world says, “It’s ok for Christians to smoke weed recreationally.”  Don’t be fooled by what the world says.  Keep in mind what the Holy Spirit says through James, “Do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God?  Therefore, whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God” (4:4).  For us to make an impact, we must disentangle ourselves from the world.  You can’t stand out by blending in.  You can’t stand out by wanting to fit in.  Stand out and say no.  Be aware of influence your community needs to see in you.


2.      It hurts our influence at home.  You know the saying, “It all starts in the home.”  With that said, Christian parents have a great responsibility.  It is so essential that both parents influence their children in the right way.  Aren’t we called to properly influence our children (Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:4)?  One place to start is by avoiding unhealthy habits.  A preacher once told this story about a father and his son entering a store.  The clerk asked the father, “What will you have?”  He said, “A pack of cigarettes.”  Turning to the boy, the clerk said, “What about you?”  To which the little boy replied, “Same as dad.”  The father quickly added, “Wait a minute, I don’t think I’ll have the cigarettes now that I think about it.”  When hearing a story like this, it’s quite disheartening.  Yet, the same thing is going on today with kids smoking marijuana because mom and dad are doing it.  How tragic!  Therefore, Christians shouldn’t be involved in the recreational use of marijuana because it effects those close to you.


Each Christian must realize that he has influence in the community and in the home.  Let’s be the light and salt Jesus talks about in Matt. 5:13-16.  Now I know that firsthand about overcoming habits.  It can be done.  If your desire is to stop using marijuana, find a few members in the church that will hold you accountable for your actions.  Members you can talk with, members who will pray with you, and struggle with you while you overcome.

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