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Posted by on in The Upward Call
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The next time you are in Walmart, listen to some conversations between parents and their children. Here is part of what you may hear, “But dad I need this!” When you focus on what the child is holding, it may be the latest toy based on a movie or a video game. We understand that this is a characteristic in children that we call immature or childish, yet it is not just a trait that appears in young people.


If you saw the news around Christmas this year, you saw an incident where the police had to be called to a store to break up a fight over a very popular Christmas item and the store wound up having to be closed completely after just 36 minutes of being open for Black Friday shopping. In another case a television fell on a woman and injured her as two men were reaching for it to get the last one.


Whether it is for ourselves or even if it is to give as a gift to someone else, what we would term a “need” has radically changed in the last decade or two. If you go back to after World War 2, you would see a very minimalistic set of needs: food, shelter, and clothing. Now if you look at our society, there is an extremely long list of things we feel like we need to survive: car, cell phone, computer/tablet, brand name clothing, and the list can go on. I saw something that exemplified this the other day as I was out, I saw a homeless man because he only had a cart with his belonging, but he had Nike tennis shoes on and a cell phone even though he didn’t have a place to live.


Why is this discussion of needs important? For this simple reason, the most complex Satan can make what we term “needs”, the further he can take us away from trusting in God for those needs. Jesus in Matthew 6:33 gives us a new priority of what our needs are when he says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”


We have no greater need than God’s kingdom and righteousness! Everything else pales in comparison. Did the people fighting over the television or toys improve their lives or the lives of others for eternity? No. The tv will have to be replaced and the child will grow tired of the toy eventually because these are not needs. So how have so many bought into these lies? It is clear—Satan has deceived us. The more he is able to deceive us, the further he takes us from what is really important. As the world’s advertising convinces us that we need more and more that is away from God, what is truly our greatest need—salvation in Christ—gets ignored. Jesus says God will give us fill out needs if we just pursue things in the right order. Therefore,  evaluate what you are treating as a need. If you are not pursuing your relationship with God as you should, begin to focus on Him as your greatest need.

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