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Making a Change in the New Year that Lasts

Posted by on in The Upward Call
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God-center-plan1All of us want to change something about ourselves.  Some of us want to do better in a role of responsibility we have--perhaps to be a better father or mother, or spouse.  Some of us want physical things to change--perhaps to lose wait, change how we eat, or to exercise more to be in better shape.  A lot of these changes that are made as New Year's resolutions are short-lived; in fact, research shows that most resolutions die by the end of January or early February.  The year gets back to its old pace quickly and the motivation to change dies a fairly rapid death. 


I am not against making these sort of resolutions, but I think sometimes the thing we are trying to change is not at the heart of the matter for which we desire change.  If we want to be in a role we have in our lives, don't focus on just one slice of the pie, focus on the core of the issue itself.  What if I told you that there is a way you can be a better father or mother, spouse, employee or employer, friend, and human being by working on one area of your life?  Does that sound appealing to you?  If so, then read on.  


The one area that most of us ignore when we are making plans for change for the New Year is spiritually.  We neglect to commit to God.  Why?  Because we know that it requires a serious commitment of our resources for the entire year.  Time, effort, commitment, and patience are all required of us.  I know that sounds like a lot, but what if there was a guarantee that it would help all the areas in your life that I mentioned?  Is it worth it then?  I believe it is because I have seen it work!


It doesn't happen overnight though which is why patience is on the list of requirements.  I recently had a young father come into my office because his child had mentioned that when he grew up he didn't want to be like him because he was angry all the time it seemed to the child.  He is now working hard each week learning what God wants of him and trying to practice the instructions and commands of the Bible and he is improving as a father and in all the other roles that he has in his life.  


When you apply the motivation to what is at the core of the problem, it becomes easier to stay with the resolution because you can begin to see real progress.  God has given you a lot of blessings.  Hopefully Christmas time has reminded you of many of those.  How will you use those in this New Year?  I challenge you to make a lasting change that impact your relationship with God; therefore, impacting all the other areas of life that you deal with on a daily basis.  Find someone you can meet with on a regular basis to work on your relationship with God.  Make weekly Bible study a part of your New Year and see what God can do in all areas of your life when you commit your life to Him and His ways!

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