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How Closely Do We Have to Follow the Bible?

Posted by on in The Upward Call
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It is not by accident that Jesus talks a lot about obedience in the New Testament. Whether in John 14 where he continually says over and over, “If you love me, keep my commandments” (14:15, 21, 23), or whether it is a more detailed explanation of what obedience means in Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus wants obedience from his followers.


It is vital that we understand that obedience is not a random thing with God. He expects it and it is demanded. As parents, we understand that our children cannot be partially obedient when we give them something to do. If he/she partially fills the dishwasher, or shoves all of their dirty clothes under the bed, this is certainly not what we had in mind when the task was assigned. It is not partial obedience; partial obedience is not possible; it is disobedience. God is not any less pleased with us when we do not fulfill His will.


We cannot fill God’s will how we want to; instead, we must let the will of God, as written in the New Testament, be the ultimate authority for our lives, for our actions, for our thoughts, and for our desires. Anything less is not satisfactory to the one who gave His all for our salvation, and we will be considered workers of lawlessness if we try to give anything else. We must follow the Bible exactly as God inspired His writers to direct us. Otherwise, it is not His will we are following but someone else’s.

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