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Evangelism: Step 2--Talking about Christ

Posted by on in The Upward Call
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charlie-brown-footballLast week I started our conversation about being evangelistic by reminding you how important your example is before others. I suggested you learn to be consistent, sincere, and transparent before others so they can see the real life of a Christian.


As we go to step two, I think of Charlie Brown and Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon. The well-known scene where Charlie Brown takes considerable time lining up his kick, only to have the ball grabbed away by Lucy at the last moment. Don’t spend all your time lining up your example and then completely miss their opportunity to say something for Christ.


I can’t tell you the number of people I have heard say that they were involved in a conversation with someone at work, a relative, or a neighbor and the person gave them an opening for a conversation about Christ and they neglected it. Later, they realized what had happened and thought, “I wish I had said something.” As I get deeper and deeper into an evangelistic mentality, I think more and more about being ready for these type of opportunities.


First of all, we need to heed Peter’s advice and we need to “prepare our minds for action” (1 Pet. 1:13). The more we begin to think about opportunities, the more God presents them to us in everyday life.   We must get serious about using our abilities for God. How many of us talk to people as part of our job or profession? Yet, we don’t use this ability to create conversations for God.


Secondly, we must begin to look and listen for opportunities. Just look at Jesus, he is doing something ordinary in John 4 (getting water at a well), and he simply begins a conversation with someone. She certainly had a direction she wanted the conversation to go (away from her personal life) but Jesus had an understanding of how to turn physical things (water) to a spiritual truth (eternal life). Furthermore, he eventually turned the conversation into a great discussion of who God is (spirit and truth). Once you begin to think about reaching others with the gospel, you will find opportunities are all around us. Take advantage of what God is placing before you! Don’t line up the field goal only the miss kicking the ball.


We can do some of the same things that Jesus did, but not without having our minds prepared for such conversations. We often have a false fear that people don’t really want to talk about spiritual things, but they do if we have proven that we are serious and grounded in those things by the life we lead. If we have never proven ourselves to be spiritual people, then you are right; they probably won’t want to listen to us. If one person does not want to listen, move on because there are plenty of others. Check back in periodically to see if anything has changed with the others, but don’t get discouraged or distraught because of a cold reception. God probably didn’t give up on you if you said no at first.

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