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A Fitbit for the Spirit

Posted by on in The Upward Call
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Fitbit imageOne of the hottest new trends is the Fitbit.  In fact, my daughter Mikayla got one for Christmas and I decided to get one to be able to challenge her in making her daily goals. 


The way the Fitbit works is that it is intended to increase your awareness about how much you move/exercise, and how many calories (how much food) you consume, resulting in the ability to track information and allow you to adjust these measurements in order to become healthier.  For example, since I got my Fitbit, I know about how many steps I take a day which results in a certain amount of calories burned per day.  Knowing this amount, I can pay closer attention to how much I consume each day.  If I burn more than I eat, I lose weight.  If I eat more than I burn, I gain weight. 


As I began to think about this process, I wondered if there was something in the spiritual realm that could do the same for Christians.  It is often so difficult for us to track our progress spiritually because we don't take accurate measurements of our vital statistics.  I thought I would try to give a formula, like the one the Fitbit uses for health, for our spiritual health.  


First of all, what is going into our souls--eyes, ears, mind?  Is it hours of mind-numbing material that causes our hearts to fail and our courage for God to dwindle.  We can feed our bodies "junk food" and we don't necessary die from it, at least not immediately.  However, it will cause us to gain weight and begin causing other physical problems.  The same is true with the "junk food" of the world for our soul.  We can't live very long and be healthy without the true Word of God.  There is no substitute for this nourishment; it sustains our being.  We must know what is going into our soul before we can "count our calories" like the Fitbit does. 


Secondly, we must exercise what we know.  We must count our steps for God.  We do this by being active for God in our communities, with our neighbors, and in our workplace.  Most Christians may be pretty good at their diet, but they don't do enough to serve others in the world.  We don't share the gospel enough, or volunteer at a homeless shelter, or help the elderly at church, or council with someone going through a divorce at work.  We are not ministering to the world as we should, and the result is a church that is overweight because we are not sharing the blessings God has given us with others. 


Both a spiritually strong diet on God's Word and an active faith that serves others are needed for the church to be healthy.  Once I began monitoring both of these things with my Fitbit, I lost 12 pounds within a month.  I am healthier than I was, and looking to improve even more.  As a Christian, we need to work on being fit spiritually because these things have eternal significance.   

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